Waste Handling & Wrecking Yard Grapples

ANBO has a series of grapples designed to fit any loader, tractor or skid steer. These grapples are the strongest grapples available in the market. ANBO uses a special steel with a Brinnell rating (resistance to abrasion) more than 50% better than T1 and a yield rating (resistance to bending) almost twice that of T1. The product is meant to be used to rake, push material, dig out roots and rocks, move trees, brush and debris without picking up dirt. The design minimizes weight and preserves lift capacity but still delivers on the strength and versatility.

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GR-HHXX  100-300 HP

For large machines heavy duty usage in all types of clearing, demolition and rock work.

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GR-HX 80-200 HP

Adept for use with soil, trees, rock, concrete, metal wrecking and most any application.

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GRHX-HC 85-200 HP

Great for use on larger tractors, loaders and skid steers to move large amounts of material fast.

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GRX-HC 80-200 HP

Larger version of the GRS-HC with longer tines and wider opening with higher capacity.

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75-160 HP

High Capacity (HC) model for mid-size and larger machine.

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50-85 HP

High Capacity (HC) model for mid-sized machines.

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Models and Sizes to fit virtually every Machine, Loader or Tractor


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“Rec’d my Grapple rake today. It is very well built and I am impressed. Used it for about 4 hours today, and have lots more work ahead. Wore some paint off the times. The JD mount fits correctly on both tractors and the Pioneer couplings are what I needed for my JD 5085 M. This is a great product and I am glad I bought it………!! It will get a lot of use on our farm, doing a lot of clearing and cleanup of Hardwood slash and brush. Thanks again.”

Sincerely Jeff Zimmerman