CT- Compact Tractor Blade

The CT Blade is a very versatile compact blade. This design is light weight, yet very strong. With so many options it gives you a broad range of uses. Add blade extensions for things like snow, top soil, sand and gravel. Now add box ends and this gives you the ability to push the material and keep it in front of the blade. This in turn gives you the ability to cut the high spots and fill the low spots, like potholes and ruts. All in all, this CT Blade will give you the ability to use your compact tractor like you’ve only dreamed about.

Compact Tractor Blade
CT-Compact Tractor Blade
14-25 Horsepower
25 Maximum HP.
CT- Compact Tractor Blade
14-25 Horsepower
3′ CT
4′ CT
5′ CT
6′ CT


  • Box ends
  • Skid shoes – dish & stem style (5” length)
  • Full length skid shoes – size of blade
  • Diverter valve
  • Blade height extension
  • Blade width extension
  • UHMW cutting edge

Models and Sizes to fit virtually every Machine, Loader or Tractor

CompactTractorBlade CT Blade was designed to be compact, the
closer the blade is to the loader arms the more control.
CompactTractorBlade The 1 ft. side extensions are ideal for adding width without a big expense. If plowing next to a ledge, the extension keeps your machine at a safer distance. You can add as much as 2 on one side.
CompactTractorBlade The box ends main purpose is to keep the material in front of the blade. This gives you much needed control. Whether your pushing snow longer distances or grading your driveway, this is an added bonus.
CompactTractorBlade The optional hydraulic package has the option of single or twin cylinders. Each cylinders are a 3,000 PSI, all welded industrial cylinder.