Bucket Grapples

Bucket Grapples (BG- M, S, X, XX)
Designed to easily fit on almost any tractor bucket or Ag Bucket. Unique patented forward raking tooth design offers better utility.Easy design can be installed in either a bolt-on or welded on fashion.

Select from our Bucket Grapples:

BG-M – 10-35 Horsepower

BG-S – 35-75 Horsepower

BG-X – 75-100 Horsepower

BG-XX – 80-200 horsepower

Bucket Grapple Spec Measurement sheet here.

Please use the bucket Grapple specifications sheet to measure for your unit.
We can custom fit your bucket grapple to your machine.

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BG-S Bucket Grapple
Bucket Grapple
18-35 horsepower
35-75 horsepower
ANBO Bucket Grapples
Anbo Bucket Grapples
75-100 horsepower
80-200 horsepower
Models and Sizes to fit virtually every Machine, Loader or Tractor

The ANBO Bucket Grapple provides a high strength, light weight bucket grapple that easily attaches to most buckets. The grapple is mounted by using either a heavy duty bolt and plate assembly or it can be welded. It comes in three basic weights. The cross bar can be adjusted to fit various bucket sizes to insure the performance is matched for every bucket.

The ANBO Bucket Grapple (BG-M, S, X, XX) is a great labor saving tool with extra features to make it more versatile than any other attachment on the market.

ANBO makes a size to match any machine, tractor or AG buckets. The BG-S (Standard), BG-X, BG-XX (Extreme series for large loaders and machines) and the BG-M for smaller tractors and AG buckets. This product will be one of the most unique and valuable attachments you’ll ever own! It features serrated upper teeth for extra biting power on the material, a patent pending split tooth (forward facing) that enables the operator to close the grapple and use the forward facing to rake and till in the forward motion.

The tines are made of high strength, but lightweight AR400 steel. There are X-10 options available too. The AR steel is used because it offers a light weight steel that has a strength that is almost twice the Brinnell rating as that of T1, providing superior resistance to wear. The tensile strength of the metal is also 50% greater than T1. This enables the machine to handle larger, heavier payloads.

The standard spacing of the tines is approximately 8″. The grapple can be ordered with other spacing options.

All moving points and pivots are greaseable, allowing for long life and resistance to wear.

From walk-behind and mid-size tractors to heavy duty tractors and loaders, ANBO Grapples are built to industry leading standards for strength and durability. ANBO offers an entire product line to handle tough jobs like root and rock digging, with high capacity models for handling bulk material. It comes in a wide variety of widths, weights and tine spacing to fit the application and base machine you’re working with. Visit our photo gallery to learn more about these world renowned attachments and see them in action.

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