Bucket Add-On Snow Blades

ANBO Site Plow Bucket Blade

ANBO has created a straight push blade to attach to any bucket without the need to drill holes or alter the bucket in any way.

The Site Plow has replaceable cutting edge and skid shoes.

Optional clevis holes to chain and bind to the bucket.

Skid shoe pads are made of AR 400, for long life.

With the box ends it carries the material instead of spilling out the sides, great for clearing out parking lots, and around the shop and house.

No need to remove your bucket, the Site Plow slides on the floor of your bucket and clamps down.

Can be mounted off center to work closer to buildings, fence line, and any other tight places, without having your machine too close to any structures. This blade is lightweight for the compact tractors, yet can be used for grading driveways, spreading top soil, cleaning stalls; this is not just for snow removal. The Site Plow can be used like a rear box scraper, you can adjust the side skid shoes.

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Bucket Add On Site Plow
Bucket Add On Site Plow
Bucket Add On Site Plow

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