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Rock, Root & Tree Grapples

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Rock root and tree grapples by ANBO
Rock root and tree grapples by ANBO
10-35 horsepower

20-50 horsepower
Rock root and tree grapples by ANBO ANbo
Approx. 45-85 horsepower
Approx. 75-120 horsepower
Site Pro High Capcity
Approx. 85-160 horsepower

Approx. 95-200 horsepower

GR-HHXX 100-300 Horsepower

ANBO makes the mounts, hoses and couplers that are guaranteed to fit the machine. Armor plated steel for superior performance.

ANBO make heavy duty, full size grapples for full size tractors and construction equipment. The grapples use armor plating steel to insure the best possible performance at the most cost effective price.
All ANBO grapple rakes feature a high performance design. The grapple use heavy gauge AR400 steel, (same steel used by the defense department to armor plate military vehicles). The clamping power uses heavy duty 3,000 PSI welded cylinders with chrome rods to insure long lasting performance and durability.
Laser cut, precision designed tines provide just the right curvature to allow material to roll in front of the rake and even sift soils and self clean while still being able to pick up heavy loads.

Select from our Rock, Root and
Tree Grapples:

GR-L - 10-35 horsepower

GR-M - 20-50 horsepower

GR-S - 45-85 horsepower

GR-X - 85-160 horsepower

- 95-200 horsepower

GR-HHXX 100-300 Horsepower

Models and Sizes to fit virtually every Machine, Loader or Tractor

"I have had the GR-M attached to my Kubota L3540 for a couple of weeks now and very impressed. I figured I would have to baby the unit because it is lighter weight and I wanted to stay that way because I have 1400 lb loader at the end of bucket. Well let me say that it is one tough unit and very
impressed with the type of steel used and its ability to withstand banging around large logs. I had a potential customer call me and ask me how I liked it and told him I like it much better than expected."

Tom Mauer

ANBO offers a variety of grapple rakes for any size ractor, loader or skid steer. ANBO guarantees the fit of these products on virtually any machine. These tough grapple attachments are ideal for raking and piling brush, site clean-up, landscaping, applications, log handling, rock picking, raking and piling slash and hundreds of other tough duty applications. The ANBO hydraulic grapple rake will easily be the most versatile attachment you'll ever own.

ANBO Grapple Rakes are built according to your precise needs and requirements.

The GR series with AR400 steel is rugged enough to withstand daily use digging in the dirt, clearing rocks and trees and raking brush.

ANBO also offers a line of general purpose utility grapples (UT series) and High Capacity grapples (HC) for full size machines. The tines spacing can be specified to insure the best possible performance for the type of work that is to be done. ANBO offers an entire product line to handle tough jobs like root and rock digging, with high capacity models for bulk material in a wide variety of widths, weights and tine spacing to fit the application and base machine you're working with. Visit our photo gallery to learn more about these world renowned attachments and see them in action.

Anbo Product catalog

Anbo Grapple & Blades

Give us a call and find out more (1-866-684-3330)
8 am to - 8pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Click here to download product specifications &literature on ANBO Rock, Root and Tree Grapples.


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