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Anbo Attachments
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Anbo Attachments

Grapple Rakes - Introduction
Models and Sizes to fit virtually every Machine, Loader or Tractor

Rock, Root and Tree Grapples   High Capacity Material Grapples
Site Pro Grapple GR-L - 10-35 Hp
GR-M - 20-50 Hpp
GR-S - 45-85 Hp
GR-SH - 75-120 Hp
GR-X - 85-160 Hp
- 95-200 Hp
High Capacity GrapplesGRS-HC - 50-85 Hp
GRSH-HC - 75-160 Hp
GRX-HC - 75-160 Hp
GRHX-HC - 85-200 Hp

General Purpose Material Grapples Rock Bucket
Utility GrappleUT-S - Approx. 10-35 Hp
UT-X- Approx. 35-75 Hp
ANBO Rock Bucket
RB- Bucket without grapple
50 and above Hp
RBG- Bucket with grapple
50 and above Hp
CT-RB- Bucket without grapple
45 and below Hp
CT-RBG- Bucket with grapple
45 and below Hp
Bucket Grapples Excavator Rake
Bucket Grapple
BG-M - 10-35 Hp
- 35-75 Hp
BG-X - 75-100 Hp
BG-XX - 80-200 Hp
Extractor NEW
Extractor4' EXT-17" Wide
3' EXT
14" Wide
Wheel Loader Series NEW    
WLSWLS- 9'    
  • ANBO makes a grapple rake to fit all styles of loaders and skid steers

  • ANBO has a grapple for almost any purpose and need

  • ANBO grapples come complete and ready to work on your machine

Give us a call 1-866-684-3330
8 am to - 8pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

" I can pick whatever I want with it (GR-L), from stumps as big as people to brush, without picking up dirt. It`s great for grubbing out stumps and roots, and can do the work of five men moving and stacking logs in our firewood business. "
D.Walser, TX

ANBO pioneered the original hydraulic grapple rake. The Professional "Site-Pro" Series has been featured in over 20 articles in Agricultural, Forestry and Construction magazines throughout the country. This heavy duty workhorse has been the ANBO flagship product for years.  We have added several new versions and styles of grapples to accommodate our customers changing needs.
ANBO Site-Pro Series features a robust design and uses the finest materials, including rugged AR 400 steel for the tines. The AR400 is used by the defense department armor for plating steel. It is 2 times more resistant to wear and 100% more resistant to bending than T1 steel.  

All ANBO grapple rakes have superior clamping and holding power. The company uses heavy duty 3,000 PSI welded cylinders and extra heavy duty chrome rods to insure durability. Precision designed tines provide just the right curvature to allow material to roll in front of the rake and the optional spacing provides room to sift various types of soils and self clean while still being able to pick up heavy loads.

ANBO offers a variety of sizes and types of grapple rakes for any size tractor, loader or skid steer.  There are grapple attachments are ideal for rooting and digging, raking and piling brush, site clean-up, landscaping, applications, log handling, rock picking, raking and piling slash and hundreds of other tough applications. ANBO hydraulic grapple rakes will easily be the most versatile attachment you'll ever own.

From walk-behind and mini tractors to heavy duty tractors and loaders, ANBO Grapple Rakes are built to precise needs and requirements. ANBO offers an entire product line to handle tough jobs like root and rock digging, with high capacity models for bulk material in a wide variety of widths, weights and tine spacing to fit the application and base machine you're working with. Visit our photo gallery to learn more about these world renowned attachments and see them in action. (Give us a call at 1-866-684-3330)

Anbo Grapple & Blades


Click here to download product specifications & literature on ANBO Hydraulic Grapple Rakes.


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