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Hi-Capacity Material Grapples GRSH-HC

Site Pro High Capcity
75-160 Horsepower

75-160 Horsepower

ANBO offers the strongest and most durable grapple in the world. The unique design and special material allow these grapples to withstand all types of rugged uses.

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" The grapple rake is strong enough to pick up anything your machine is capable of. Unlike bucket jaws that essentially pinch, the grapple rake wraps around a load. Its teeth and curvature are better for grabbing and grasping. It operates like a hand and gives much better control and holding power. "T. Hauptman, LA

ANBO Hi-Capacity Grapples Special tine design is shaped for maximum strength to tolerate hard root raking forward or backwards and to gather material and dig up roots and rocks and carry boulders and trees.
ANBO Hi-Capacity Grapples Construction includes a heavy duty mainframe. The tines are made of special AR400 steel (50% stronger than T1).

The tines are individually notched and welded to the main frame tube.
ANBO Hi-Capacity Grapples ANBO grapples have provisions for hose protection, cylinder guard plates, and heavy duty welded cylinders with 3000 psi for superior holding power.

All pivot points are greaseable.

All tines have a bracing strut to resist bending.
ANBO Hi-Capcity Grapples The teeth mesh tightly to effectively push material that is as little as 4 inches. This allows for fine raking forward or backwards.

Top tine protrusions provide additional bite into material.

All items are subject to change without notice. ANBO's Standard 1 year parts and labor warranty are included. No other warranties are implied.
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